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We are a team dedicated to helping students become the best English speakers possible. Fun, friendly, and free of judgement describes our one-on-one experience.

What is a Flower Tongue? 


Many have asked, what exactly is a “Flower Tongue” ? The origin of this expression is based on a true story.


The story goes like this…


“There was once a young girl who lived in a small town. She had little money and no family.  Although she lived this way, her greatest joy was to say a kind word.  Even if she had little to eat, she loved to make someone smile by saying something sweet.  "Your eyes sparkle like marbles!" She'd tell a stranger. "Your laugh is the prettiest I've ever heard." She'd praise another.    She filled people with joy and warm hearts.  Despite her efforts to be kind,  there lived an old woman who hated to hear her speak. 

One day, the old woman gathered many other young children together. Then she said to the them:

“Be careful of the young girl who is poor and has no family. She tells you nice words,  but doesn't mean them. She  uses kind words to trick you! She wants your money and your family.  It is the dirt in her heart that makes those pretty flowers on her tongue grow!" 


After this day, the young girl grew scared. 

"Do I have dirt in my heart?" She questioned. "Are there flowers on my tongue?" 

She immediately shut her mouth. She  promised to never say a kind word again. 

 One morning, she found a field of vibrant  colored tulips. She had never seen such tulips before and didn't  know beauty like theirs existed. She admired their colors and how warm they made her feel.  She thought about the old woman's words as she gazed at them.  She decided to think differently about her tongue.

"If I can grow flowers as beautiful as these with my tongue, I should live my life with pleasure."  She reasoned.


The more she stared at the flowers , the more her confidence grew.  She began dreaming up the prettiest words to say to people. She ran into town armored with compliments and began filling the people with joy and warm hearts once again.  Although the flowers never grew on her tongue, they blossomed in the fields. With each new bloom,  she would remember: if flowers could become something so beautiful and  fill people with joy, so could her words. 

The story of the “Flower Tongue”, highlights many valuable lessons on the power of speech. We hope that as teachers and educators, we can use our speech to make learners feel seen and important.  In our courses, we use our "flower tongue" to create spaces to help all learners grow! By using kind, up-building speech many learners will blossom confidently and create their own beautiful voice in the English Language.


We hope to have this chance with you!